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Construction piping

Being mechanical engineers, we are active within the construction industry and have helped plan, execute and successfully complete multiple construction projects. Every shareholder and business owner knows the importance of construction management. Finding an engineering firm that can help with the construction process is key to having efficient and effective work. Construction success is based on many factors, and we have a system that can help your business.

Our involvement with your construction project is beneficial for anyone who has a project that is:

  • On a time pressing schedule and requires a fast-paced process.
  • In need of a world-class design.
  • In need of insight from professional engineers.
  • Looking for expert execution.
  • In need of a collaborative work environment that includes the participation of all teams.
  • In need of an engineering company that has the resources, tools and expertise to deliver the best service.

Off-Site Construction Help:

We are one of the leaders in the construction industry in developing ways to optimize labor that is on-site through the use of design and planning. We use state-of-the-art design software including, 3D Modeling, BIM Clash Detection and AutoCAD. Our tools and process help implement a MEP Design that can work effectively for your on-site team.

Our Construction Project Success Factors

A lot goes in to the success and delivery of our projects. At Industrial Process Piping we follow a complex guide that allows us to complete a successful construction project for you. It involves all aspects of the construction procedure. Our success factors consist of collaboration and determination from the start to the end of the construction project.

Our success factors rely on:

  • Early collaboration with all teams to create a set project definition.
  • Using the project definition to design and execute the construction plan.
  • Engaging teams at the appropriate time to facilitate efficient and effective work.
  • Utilizing the necessary tools, resources and technology at the appropriate times throughout the project.
  • Having the proper execution in field for every aspect of the project.

Our success relies heavily on collaboration between everyone involved in the project. In the early stages of development, we work with the construction team to create a project definition that covers all aspects of the task at hand. This allows us to explore the project, prepare design alternatives, estimate accurate pricing, consider working conditions and to create a timeline.

With our construction management team we can successfully complete your construction project. We use all the leading edge tools and technology to execute your construction project.

Benefits for Our Approach to Construction

Our approach to your construction project provides the following benefits:

  • Precise Execution: Our projects are outlined from the very start and we do not stop until the project is fully completed. We take the time to go over every aspect of the project definition and guarantee the fulfillment of each role.
  • Off-Site Design: We provide off-site design in fabrication and other systems. This allows us to create systems at a faster rate.
  • Emphasis on Safety: Our number one concern is the safety of workers. We take precautionary steps for providing a safe and effective plan for the construction project.
  • Expertise in Construction Management: Being apart of the construction industry, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We have the expertise needed to deliver the highest quality of service.

In the construction business we know we must be on-top of the latest technology, trends and alternatives. We do just that! With our construction management, we can help with your infrastructure projects, renovations or execution of long-term structure.

two HVACs on top of a building

Industrial Process Piping is proud to be among the industry leaders in construction. We offer a wide range of services that can help with your next construction project including piping, plumbing, HVAC systems, fabrication, design and insulation.

To learn more about how our construction project managers can help with your next project, contact our office at (248) 588-9898. Our accredited professionals would happy to discuss your next project requirements. Fill out our online form to receive a construction inquiry today. The engineering professionals at Industrial Process Piping are ready to help with your next construction project.