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Professional Engineering Services in Metro Detroit

Our professional engineering services can create a product solution for your next project. Multiple industries turn to our engineering firm to design a solution that is the best fit for their project or business needs. The industries we have experience in include: manufacturing, healthcare, process piping, industrial and education. Each of our professional services are completed using the capabilities we possess and our detailed project management.

With a licensed professional engineer on staff, your project will have the best eyes overlooking your project. Our lead engineer will be responsible for planning, coordinating and executing every aspect of the service you require, all while following proper engineering principles and practice. We meet the codes and standards that the states require for each service we provide.

Our engineering firm is able to provide you with a engineering solution for: plumbing piping design, process piping, HVAC system design, piping fabrication, piping insulation and engineering design.

Certified Metro Detroit Engineers

Industrial Process Piping is the leading group of professional engineers of Metro Detroit. Being a professional engineer is a great honor to have. It is the profession’s highest standard of competence and is a title that acts as a symbol of achievement and assurance for quality. That is why Industrial Process Piping emphasizes the quality of our product with a focus on the safety of our workers and clients.

Having a professional engineer on staff shows the dedication and knowledge we can provide when designing an engineering solution for your business or project. A professional engineer continuously develops and maintains their title by improving their skills, and by continuing to expand their knowledge within the practice.

Knowing this you can be certain that each engineering project we take on will be explored and designed with the latest technology and best engineering practices. It is just another aspect that sets our engineering apart from the rest of the competition.

Leading Engineers In Innovation

At Industrial Process Piping we are the leading engineers in product innovation too. Our goal is to not only create a product solution for you, but to create a product that compares to no other. We take into account all factors that could affect the process and system we design. Each system we develop is cost-effective and meant to withstand outside factors that may lead to hefty repair costs or maintenance over time.

two orange water tanks Our engineers also explore alternatives for providing a product that will have little to no effect on our environment. We look for green-friendly solutions when providing you with our engineering services. Through innovation and collaboration between all team members, we have the ability to explore new alternatives to every system or product. Our engineers and staff are dedicated to their work. You can expect perfection from Industrial Process Piping as we take pride in the work and services we provide. Our workers have backgrounds in various fields providing us with a wide range of expertise and knowledge. Each worker can provide insight, and yet everyone works together to perfect our engineering practices. Communication is key in our industry and no idea is left unconsidered or unheard.

At Industrial Process Piping our engineering practices are innovative and collaborative. Together we can design, create and implement product solutions best fit for your project requirements. With proper project management and professional engineers on staff, we guarantee you complete satisfaction in the work our engineering firm produces.

For more information on our company or engineering practices contact us today at (248) 588-9898. Fill out our online form to receive an inquiry on the service we can provide for you.