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One of the services we provide at Industrial Process Piping is professional pipe thermal insulation. As professional engineers, we have experience in insulation engineering for residential, commercial and industrial structures. Pipe insulation is a craft we have perfected with years of experience. We apply insulation materials to pipes to protect piping systems from extreme conditions. Our insulation is meant to maintain proper internal and external temperatures.

Each insulation system we have completed, has given us the insight on which processes work and which don’t. With our procedures and insulation materials, we can create a thermal insulation design that is perfect for your renovation project or new building. Our thermal engineers utilize blueprints and design software for maximizing our service. We have a long resume of insulation projects ranging from home insulation to industrial applications.

Piping Insulation Types

At Industrial Process Piping we specialize in various piping insulation procedures and systems. With our expertise in handling industrial insulation materials, we can complete any insulation job you need. We have the expertise, knowledge and resources at our disposal. Our insulation services consist of the following implementations:

  • PVC, Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Covers: We provide insulation services that install jackets over your insulated components. Perfect for covering process piping in your structure.
  • Fiberglass Pipe Insulation: Our fiberglass pipe insulation service is perfect for any of your systems that can range from 0 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Adjustable Insulation Covers: We can provide you with a variety of removable insulation covers. Our removable insulation covers allow you to access areas that would be unattainable, such as crawl spaces. Our removable covers work best for exhaust systems, steam traps, pumps, etc.
  • Closed Cell Rubber Insulation: Our closed cell rubber insulation is best for any system that ranges from -40 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • High Temp Mineral Wool Insulation: Our high temp mineral wood pipe insulation can be used in a wide range of applications for cold and hot piping. It works best for areas that range from -120 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cellular Glass Insulation: Our cellular glass insulation services are recommended for any equipment or piping that operates at temperatures -450 to +900 degrees Fahrenheit. Cellular Glass Insulation is lightweight and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Our insulation services and design prevent the freezing of domestic water supply pipes. They also reduce the risk of heat loss from domestic heating pipes.

Our insulation services are consists of the following applications:

  • Pipe Freezing: Our insulation services are designed to protect your pipe system from freezing. Improper insulation could lead to burst pipes resulting in pipe damage and water damage to your building or structure.
  • Heat Loss Prevention: Our insulation systems are proven to prevent any heat loss from your piping system. Sometimes pipes need to be kept at a certain temperature to operate at full potential. Our insulation procedure will stop heat from escaping the system guaranteeing your system does what it needs to do.
  • Condensation Control: Moisture on the surface of your piping system contributes to the corrosion of the material. Our insulation practices prevent condensation from forming around your piping system.
  • Protection Against Extreme Temperatures: Piping systems require proper insulation if they are exposed to extreme environments. Regardless if the piping system is indoors or outdoors our insulation can protect your piping from external extremities.
  • Noise Control: Our insulation can limit the noise that is emitted from your piping system. Acting as a barrier, insulation prevents mechanical noise from occurring and disrupting the environment the piping lives in.
  • Energy Cost Savings: The thickness of the insulation we provide around your piping can reduce your overall energy bill. Our Insulation can be applied to piping systems that require high heat. Our system keeps heat from escaping resulting in less energy you have to use.

Professional Insulation Services

No matter the project we have an insulation solution for you. We are here to design the best insulation systems for preventing cool air or heat loss. We have professional engineers who are experienced with designing and conducting various types of insulation projects.

We have an extensive resume of projects in various industries where we have completed thermal insulation systems. Each project we have completed has been a learning experience and with each job we improve our methods and procedures.

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Our number one priority when it comes to designing an insulation solution for you is safety. We emphasize safety in our insulation procedures in the shop and in the product we produce. We take the proper precautionary measures to eliminate the risk of danger or injury.

Along with insulation, we provide an array of other engineering services for your residential commercial or industrial needs. Our professional engineers also specialize in all areas of insulation including plumbing systems, process piping services, HVAC systems, fabrication design and engineering design.

To learn more about our insulation services and what we can do for your piping system, contact us at (248) 588-9898. Fill out our online form to receive an inquiry for your insulation project.