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Our Commitment to Safety

At Industrial Process Piping we are committed to completing each project with a focus on quality and safety. We are committed to safely completing each project in a timely manner and within the set budget. We want to ensure you the best product is produced in the safest manner.

Our employees are the most valuable assets of our company and we want to ensure that everyone comes into work knowing that they are safe. Our employees deserve a career free of the risk of injury or illness. Everyone at Industrial Process Piping deserves to feel safe at work. That is why we work to maximize the overall workplace safety and health.

Safety Culture in Our Workplace

Safety is embedded in our company culture. We know company culture begins at the top which is why we hold our upper-management to standard that must be followed. Our upper-management knows that their commitment to safety will reflect on other workers. Upper-management is actively involved in practicing and upgrading safety policies to ensure the best work environment for all workers.

Safety Policies

We have a set of policies that ensure the overall safety of our workplace. With our outlined safety policies, we can ensure the best, healthiest and risk-free working environment for our contractors and employees.

  • Fully trained for all equipment and tools within our facility or worksite.
  • Safety equipment must be worn at all times within our facility or worksite.
  • Employees must complete federal training outlined by OSHA, MSHA and MIOSHA.
  • Ensure all safety laws and procedures are followed and are enforced by upper-management.
  • Workers must report any unsafe hazards within the facility or worksite.
  • Full accountability for all employees to maintain a safe work environment.

Safety Responsibility

At Industrial Process Piping everyone looks after each other. Our commitment to safety is based on caring for one’s health. We have a standard for maintaining a safe work place and have practices that every employee must follow. From upper-management to a new hire everyone is responsible for knowing our safety principles.

Understanding our safety policies is critical to the success of a risk-free workplace. All employees must participate in our safety practices and go through the standard training programs including OSHA, MSHA and MIOSHA. Every employee must participate in our mandatory safety training.

We strictly enforce a Substance Abuse Policy preventing the use of drugs or alcohol from compromising the employee’s safety. Any substances that can compromise the safety of our employees is not allowed within our facility and should be refrained from use during work hours.

An unsafe working condition or job will result in the pausing of the project or job until action is taken to correct the problem or hazard. We hold everyone accountable for identifying and preventing any safety hazards within our work place.